Our Vision

Building outside the Box.


Our core values are to provide:

  • Robust and adaptable houses that will stand the test of time

  • Simple, good value buildings which are relevant for mass adoption.

  • Naturally engaging architecture and spaces.

  • Efficient and advanced buildings, capable of being contributors to the power network.



Our vision is to provide leading housing solutions that the home owner can take pride in, our design philosophy:

simple yet sophisticated.

We design homes to meet the housing demands of modern society which are built to surpass the quality and environmental standards of UK build standards.

Since the conception of HexxHome in 2014, we have developed our design to provide a housing solution that is future proofed; one that can be manufactured off-site and erected using modern practices yet one that can be easily customised to meet the demands of the home owner. In summer 2016 the first HexxHome concept was built which was further developed into a fully functioning one-bed house, the Prototype HexxPod. In February 2017 we were granted a patent applicable to our unique building method and in May we were awarded an LABC/ Premier Guarantee Warranty for our build system, making us fully available for the UK Housing market.

Driven by the collective belief that an alternative housing solution is the key to many of the social and ecological factors we face today, we aim to deliver our first showcase development in 2018 and start to promote HexxHome in the off-site housing market.


We believe in housing that’s good for everyone.