The future of dream home building


Once completed, Graven Hill will be the largest self and custom-build development in the UK. We truly believe that not every new home owner wants to purchase something off plan on a new development, which is why Graven Hill is offering a real alternative solution. We are providing our purchasers with not only the chance to shape the development of their home, but the opportunity to live alongside other like-minded people, who also want to create and live in a unique community.

We want to show that house building is an opportunity to enhance lives, creating spaces and places in which people, employment and nature can grow together harmoniously.

Graven Hill embraces cutting-edge design and construction methods for UK housing. We advocate the use of highly energy efficient materials, the highest quality modular construction methods and contemporary designs which fit in with modern life. Graven Hill offers something for everyone. Whether you are looking to do a complete self-build or you just want the opportunity to shape some of the features of your new home you can do so by selecting from a range of options.

The route you take will depend on your budget and the type of home you want to create. You can make your decision with the assurance that we will be on hand to guide you every step of the way. The first phase of plots at the site were released in summer 2016. Over the next ten years further plots and home choices will be made available in response to market demand. The size and location of plots, as well as the style of homes differ. Whether you're building a first home, you want a larger home for a growing family, you wish to downsize in your retirement years, or you prefer a single story property such as a bungalow that is better suited
to your needs - Graven Hill has it all.

HexxHome at Graven Hill

HexxHome was established to help serve the needs of a generation of people who do not want to purchase a home from a volume house builder; people who believe in sustainable construction, and are prepared to devote the time and resources to find the right partner to help them design and build a better home. HexxHome has been selected to build an exemplar new house on the Show Home complex at Graven Hill Village. Our 3 bedroom home has been designed by Charlie Luxton Design using the patented HexxHome build system. Our system comprises a range of standardised precast concrete panel and slab shapes which are innovatively joined together to form the exo-skeleton of the building which also serves as the finished façade. HexxHome is potentially the only off-site masonry solution to be available at Graven Hill Village and will add to the range and diversity of custom build houses purchasers can choose from.

The system can be rapidly deployed and constructed enabling a watertight envelope for a 3 bed house to be completed in 2 weeks, It has excellent thermal performance, exceptional airtightness superior acoustic performance and is fire and flood resistant. An MVHR system provides all necessary heating and cooling requirements and creates a healthy living environment.
The flexibility inherent in the HexxHome build system enable us to design and build houses to suit all socio-economic profiles from 2, 3, 4 and 5 bedroom properties from 60 sq. m. to in excess of 500 sq. m. Our prices range from a base level £1,800 per sq. m excluding the Golden Brick foundation to in excess of £3,000 per sq. m. depending upon the budget and imagination of the purchaser.


Custom Build HexxHome at Graven Hill

showhome 190604 2.jpg



This is the HexxHome Show Home design, a 3 bed 129 sq. m. detached home for the Graven Hill Village show home complex. Architecture by Charlie Luxton Design, this home features a balcony, large master bedroom, ensuite, two spacious additional bedrooms and open plan living on the ground floor.

Solar panels, battery storage and underfloor heating, powered by an ASHP will also feature to make it a very attractive proposition to prospective HexxHome customers.



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