Build System

The HexxHome concept centres around a range of versatile, standardised pre-fabricated panels made from high strength architectural precast concrete. The innovative design enables a highly robust modern building solution suitable for both residential and commercial purposes which can be rapidly deployed and constructed.


There are a range of flexible layout options catering for affordable or mainstream housing and even a ‘grand designs’ type of bespoke properties.

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Floor Slab Options


HexxHome floor slabs are based on 5 key shapes that can be put together in any configuration to create the footprint of a pre-designed homes or bespoke properties depending on client requirements.


Wall Panels

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HexxHome is based on standardised wall panel sizes. The precast concrete panels are highly thermally efficient and can be used to create almost endless configurations. Panels come complete either as solid walls or as a combination of single or double doors and varying window sizes.


External Finishes

High quality cladding finishes can be added to the exterior to deliver different styling. From pure white to cedar or brick for a more traditional look. HexxHome can be styled to suit any environment or setting.